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Google Starts Supporting Google+ Hashtags In Search Queries

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Google+ started supporting hashtags in May, and today the company announced that Google Search will now allow you to search for Google+ posts by using these hashtags. Given that there’s a little bit of Google+ in every Google product now, it’s no surprise that these Google+ hashtags are now finding their way into other Google products.

This new search feature is now live for English language users in the U.S. and Canada on google.com and google.ca.


In Google Search, users will now be able to search for hashtags like #AmericasCup and get a list of relevant Google+ posts in the right sidebar. Google won’t highlight posts from Twitter or Facebook in the sidebar, but it has put links to Twitter and Facebook right underneath the Google+ posts so users can search for these terms on those social networks, as well.

The links in these Google+ posts are all active and you can see how many +1s and comments a given post received. You can’t, however, interact with the post right on the search results page as there is no way to follow, +1 or comment on these search results without going to Google+ first.

It remains to be seen how popular this feature will be. Most users, I think, would probably prefer to see this feature work for Twitter hashtags. It’s doubtful that all that many Google users were clamoring for a better way to search for Google+ hashtags on Google Search, but maybe this will give this feature a bit more visibility.

For content owners, however, this feature definitely gives them an incentive to use hashtags in their Google+ posts (and to use Google+ in the first place). The top-right corner of the search results page, after all, is prime real estate, and getting your link to show up there could drive significant traffic for popular hashtags.


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Facebook VS Google

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Facebook VS Google

facebook vs google

For the past couple of years, one meme has grown ever louder:

Facebook is killing Google.

Facebook is taking over the Internet, this story goes. Facebook now has ~800 million global users, half of whom log in every day. Facebook now accounts for something like a third of all pageviews in the U.S. Google is miles behind in social, despite the huge numbers for Google +. Facebook consumes an astonishing percentage of time spent online.

And so on.

And most importantly for the Facebook-is-killing-Google meme:

Facebook (and Twitter) are now the means by which many people share content online.

And all of that is true.

But none of it means that Facebook is killing Google.

To get a quick reality check on whether Facebook is killing Google, all you need to do is glance at these two numbers:

$40 Billion
$4 Billion

What are those two numbers?

Those are the approximate revenue numbers for 2011 for Google and Facebook respectively.

Google’s 2011 revenue will be about $40 billion, Facebook’s will be about $4 billion. Google, in other words, is 10-times Facebook’s size.

But, but, but, you say…

Google is still 10-times Facebook’s size because Facebook is just in the early stages of generating revenue. When Facebook gets its revenue engines really cranking, it will blow past Google in no time.

No, it won’t. Not unless it figures out a way to insert itself between consumers who want to buy specific products and companies that make and sell those specific products, the way Google has.

If Facebook builds a products and services search engine, for example, and somehow captures a huge amount of Google’s global search share then, yes, Facebook will in fact be “killing” Google.

Until then, all the “time spent” and “pageviews” and “users” metrics are pretty much irrelevant.


Because as the current revenue levels for both companies are demonstrating, search is a vastly better advertising product than social networking.

Vastly better.

So much better, in fact, that, when it comes to head-to-head business competition, the two companies aren’t yet even in the same league.

And why is search such a better business than social networking?

Because search is the best advertising product in the history of the world.

Social networking, meanwhile, is a relatively lousy advertising product (relatively).

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2010 Super Bowl: Google search touchdowns

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Super Bowl 2010

2010 Super Bowl: Google search touchdowns

While 106 American football players sought yardage in the 2010 Super Bowl, millions of people sought information related to the big game from Google search. We looked at some game-day search trends and data* to see what football fans were searching for this year.

Most searched-for team
To the victor of this year’s big game went the search spoils: The New Orleans Saints captured both the NFL championship and the lion’s share of Super Bowl team searches in 2010.

Most searched-for player
For leading the New Orleans Saints to their 31–17 win over the Indianapolis Colts — with 288 yards, two touchdowns and 32 of 39 passes completed — quarterback Drew Brees won the Most Valuable Player award. But Peyton Manning earned the status of the Super Bowl’s most searched-for player, beating out some tough competition and followed by Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Hank Baskett and Scott Fujita.

Many fans of Reggie Bush also expressed interest in his girlfriend Kim Kardashian; searches for her name, both on its own and linked with Reggie Bush’s, spiked significantly during the game. Additionally, search volume for football great Walter Payton — after whom the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award was named — was as high as that for some of the game’s top five most searched-for players.


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Google Improves Search Results

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Google Improves Search Results

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has tweaked its search technology in hopes of providing better search results. It now offers a refined list of associated searches and also provides lengthier snippets of each result to let you glean more information on the results page before clicking.

Today Google made adjustments to its core search product. Together, they should provide end users with slightly improved search results.

The first change it is bringing is new ways to generate associated searches. Google’s Ori Allon, Technical Lead, Search Quality Team, explains, “For example, if you search for [principles of physics], our algorithms understand that ‘angular momentum,’ ’special relativity,’ ‘big bang’ and ‘quantum mechanic’ are related terms that could help you find what you need.”

I performed a few tests to see how this worked. The first search I conducted was for “tube amplifiers“. The main results were mostly informational web sites on how vacuum tube amplifiers work. At the bottom of the page was the Searches Related to: Tube Amplifiers. It listed “vacuum tube amplifiers,” “guitar tube amplifiers,” and several other search terms that combined different variations of things associated with tube amplifiers.

I also performed a more detailed search for “iPhone developers organization“. There were eight associated results, each of which offered alternatives to my initial search.

Google also says it will provide better results for longer queries. The more words you type into the search field, generally the more scattered your results are. Google hopes its improvements will refine results for longer searches.


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